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Gestalt B2B Web Design Principles – Part 1: Figure-Ground Relationship

Posted by Marc Schenker

on Apr 17, 2014

Have you ever heard of gestalt design? If you’re considering a web redesign, then it will serve you very well to become familiar with this set of laws and principles. In fact, you may have already seen them or requested something along their lines from a designer, just without really knowing it.

The word “gestalt” actually has its roots in psychology, and it is a German word that essentially means “global form.” The crazy-beautiful thing about this set of principles is that they dictate—in one form or another—virtually all of the laws one follows as a web or graphic designer.

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Introducing the FOCUSED Website Evaluation Checklist

Posted by Lynn Sharafeddine

on Apr 11, 2014

There are standards to which you should aspire when planning and designing your B2B site. It’s necessary to stick to these standards because they give you guidance on what makes a successful B2B site.

A site that has no standards in planning and design is a site that will fail to bring in leads and create conversions. That’s why we are introducing the FOCUSED™ website evaluation checklist to put you on the right path, so that you can evaluate if your B2B site is firing on all cylinders is running smoothly.

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Topics: Lead Generation, B2B Web Design, User Experience

How to Make Useful Website Wireframes [Tutorial]

Posted by Eduardo Esparza

on Apr 4, 2014

A website wireframe is defined as the visual guide that gives a framework for your website. This blueprint or page schematic is created to layout site elements in the best way possible to support a specific purpose, whichever your page goal is (yes, every page should have a goal; I mean, e-v-e-r-y p-a-g-e on your site needs to have a goal).

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One Easy Way to Increase Your Website's Conversion rate: Reduce Choice

Posted by Marc Schenker

on Mar 27, 2014

Sometimes, the things that seem the simplest are really the most effective. That doesn’t just go for conversion-rich websites, but also for many things in life. While some argue that a multitude of choice is actually a good thing, it’s actually just the opposite when it comes to conversion rates, and B2B sites aren't the exception. Too much choice simply overwhelms, and that’s bad news for your site’s conversions.

You see, the more choice that you present your buyers on your site, the more they’re likelier to stall in their decision-making. They may even refuse to click outright, just because they’re having a hard time making a decision. Simply put, choices add distractions to the user experience, yet when you’re designing a B2B site user flow, you ideally want to keep your user on task so that he finishes his task.

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Topics: B2B Web Design, Persuasion, Conversion Optimization, User Experience

How to do a B2B Web Design That Sells

Posted by Eduardo Esparza

on Mar 22, 2014

The most effective thing you can do in your B2B marketing efforts is invest in your website, management and optimization (“A strategic Approach to Lead Scoring and Nurturing”, 2012, MECLABS). Whether you’re selling a product or a service, the one thing that you want above all else is to make profits.

The somewhat challenging aspect is specifically how to build a website that successfully enables your company to sell more. Any company can pay a designer to build a website, but that doesn’t mean it will automatically be a machine that sells efficiently. Not by a longshot.

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Topics: B2B Web Design, Persuasion, Conversion Optimization, User Experience

Why Automatic Carousels Suck And Must Be Eliminated From Your Homepage

Posted by Eduardo Esparza

on Mar 13, 2014

“Thank you for doing a great job in designing our website,” a customer says. “Overall, I’m satisfied with it. Thank you. However, I have one last request.”

“Absolutely. What is it?”

“We’d like a rotating slider on the homepage, showcasing our latest product addition, our value proposition and some key stats that will be interesting for our buyer personas.”


I have had this conversation a few dozen times; automatic carousels are attractive, and the concept of it sounds nice. However, if you either have one of those or would like to have one on your homepage, you should know some highly important facts.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Web Redesign, User Experience

What Site Architecture Is and How to Get It Right for B2B

Posted by Eduardo Esparza

on Feb 28, 2014

Site architecture is the approach to the planning and design of websites, which involves three distinct elements: technical, aesthetic and functional factors. The whole point of site architecture is to focus on both the user and his requirements. It demands serious attention toward things like web content, the business plan, usability, interaction design, information architecture and web design.

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Topics: B2B Web Design, Conversion Optimization, User Experience

10 MUST DO's Before You Start Designing Your B2B Website

Posted by Eduardo Esparza

on Feb 21, 2014

Too many B2B companies think that all they really need is a facelift for their website. They think that that’s all it takes to get better leads and, ultimately, more people who move down the sales funnel and become actual buyers. In fact, it’s not uncommon to want to rush into design without taking into account all that has to happen before the actual design so that the site is effective.

Image Credit

Here is a prediction; if you jump directly into design to give your site a “facelift,” eventually you and your site designer will be having a conversation that sounds a lot like this:

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Topics: B2B Web Design, B2B Buying Process, User Experience

3 Steps to Understand How Your Customers View Your B2B Product or Service

Posted by Eduardo Esparza

on Feb 13, 2014

The first step in marketing and understanding why your customers want to buy your B2B product or service is understanding your own product or service from the viewpoint of your customers. This is the most basic building block from which everything else flows. This sounds obvious, I know, but try this:

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, B2B Buying Process

A Refresher on the New B2B Buyer Behavior

Posted by Eduardo Esparza

on Jan 31, 2014

In today’s modern times, inbound marketing is increasingly becoming a force to be reckoned with. The old-school way of outbound marketing is getting a serious run for its money. You can primarily thank the Internet for this change in the marketing landscape over the last several years.

One of the easiest ways to understand the key difference between inbound and outbound marketing is looking at their respective approaches.

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Topics: Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing


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